YouTube Star From Westlake Causes Controversy — Again

WESTLAKE, OH — YouTube personality Logan Paul has already stirred up another controversy because of his video blogs. The former Westlake Demon football player posted a video of him using a taser to stun dead rats before throwing them away. PETA has already condemned the video and asked for its removal.

“How many chances does Logan Paul get? PETA finds it repulsive that this “internet personality” with millions of impressionable young followers has not learned the lesson that there is sadness, not humor, in the death of others,” the organization said in a recent statement.

Paul was caught in a widespread debacle when he went to Japan and posted a video apparently showing the body of a person that had committed suicide. He posted a teary eyed apology and disappeared from social media for about a month.

His return video, posted in early February, featured him stunning rats and then throwing them away. YouTube has already been forced to address the controversy, with many claiming Paul has learned nothing from his earlier controversies.

Luckily for Paul, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki said at a recent conference that she does not plan on pulling any creators from her company’s platform. She said YouTube must have consistent rules in place before it begin counting the strikes against someone like Paul.


That said, YouTube did remove some ads from Paul’s videos and placed an age gate on his most recent video, the one of him stunning rats. That means viewers will have to confirm that they are 18 or over to see the content.

YouTube has also revised some of its policies for creators. In a blog posted to the company website, YouTube said it wants to be more transparent with users and also tighten its policies on content.

“When one creator does something particularly blatant—like conducts a heinous prank where people are traumatized, promotes violence or hate toward a group, demonstrates cruelty, or sensationalizes the pain of others in an attempt to gain views or subscribers—it can cause lasting damage to the community, including viewers, creators and the outside world,” the post said.

Many of the punishments for a creator found in violation of YouTube’s policies revolve around loss of monetization, meaning it will be harder for those users to make money from their content. One example of a punishment is the stripping of some advertisements, like Google Preferred.

Still, others would like to see Paul removed entirely from YouTube.

“This sort of content has no place on YouTube or anywhere else, as it could desensitize young people to cruelty to animals, so PETA is calling on the platform to remove it,” PETA said in its statement.

Photo: Logan Paul arrives at Jingle Ball at The Forum on Friday, Dec. 1, 2017, in Inglewood, Calif. (Photo by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP)

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