Westlake development to provide a second community entertainment district but no drinks allowed on the sidewalk

A rendering submitted by DDR Corp. to the city of Westlake shows new buildings replacing old retail at West Bay Plaza, north of Crocker Park. (City of Westlake)

WESTLAKE, Ohio – People seem to have the mistaken idea that a community entertainment district in Westlake will allow them to walk around with alcoholic drinks, according to the city’s economic development manager, Michelle Boczek. Not so, she says.

Eight new liquor permits are being requested for a second community entertainment district at Crocker Park. "It is the second one and it is called CED2. The other (district) was phase one of Crocker Park," said Boczek.

"A CED2 can accommodate up to eight liquor permits, but people need to know it does not mean it is an area to walk around with drinks. "

Boczek noted the Ohio Revised Code (where the laws of Ohio are codified) has definitions of a community entertainment district in general as well as a prohibition of walking around with drink.

The new district will cover approximately 40 acres, Boczek said, and encompasses a lot of the southern portion of Crocker Park.

Boczek also reflected on the reasons for the continued development in Westlake, citing a major increase in new, single-family homes and townhomes.

The city is also clearly proud of the renovation of West Bay Plaza (the former K-Mart plaza across from Crocker Park). Coming retail additions include Fresh Thyme Market. Boczek said they are characterized as "the spirit of a farmers’ market and the convenience of a neighborhood store with the nutritious offerings of a natural foods market place."

Other retailers expected include Home Sense, a home decor and accessories store, and Kirkand’s, a store specializing in home furnishings and unique gifts. Final plans for the renovation of Marc’s have not been finalized yet, Boczek said.

The FBI lawyers should be looking for a new job: Letter to the Editor

You know America has too many lawyers when the FBI starts to charge foreign nationals with the crime of setting up fake Facebook accounts and posting rants about politicians. Here in America, they have a name for this type of activity. It’s called freedom of speech. The FBI lawyers should look it up.

Whether it’s standing on a street corner or sitting in front of a computer in the corner of a basement, people are allowed to say what they want. This inalienable right applies to all people, not just Americans. What people say doesn’t have to be realistic, honest or genuine. Maybe, the FBI believes that if it’s on the internet, it must be true.

The FBI’s indictment purports that fake Facebook posts are a threat to our democracy by duping innocent Americans. These Washington elitists must have very little faith in the intelligence of the American people, clinging to their guns and religion. Or these FBI lawyers might be trying to justify wasting millions in taxpayer dollars to find a bogeyman that isn’t there. Either way, these FBI lawyers should be looking for new employment.

Steve Hom,


If you followed the rainbow to its end and found this golden treasure, what would you spend it on?

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